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Most have been cancelled but there is an online sale by the Greenville Literacy Association from August 1st thru August 15th.

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Raises over $148,000
Since opening our doors in August 2014, we have raised over $148,000 for donor-specified charities, most of which are local.  IAM (Interfaith Assistance Ministries) has received the most--over $14,000. 

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Online Version of Our Newsletter      Volume III  Issue 2  July 2020

Books for Good

Featured Local Author---William R. Forstchen

William R. Forstchen (born October 11, 1950 in New Jersey) is an American historian and author who began publishing in 1978 as a contributor to Boys' Life. He received his doctorate from Purdue University and made his debut as a novelist in 1983 with Ice Prophet. 

In March 2009, Dr. Forstchen's novel, One Second After, was published and was on the New York Times best seller list for twelve weeks. This book (first title in the John Matherson trilogy) is very popular in our store since it is set in Black Mountain.  It presents a frightening picture of what might occur following the detonation of an electromagnetic pulse.  One Year After is next and the concluding work of the trilogy is The Final Day.  Forstchen’s most recent book is a sci-fi thriller titled 48 Hours which details earth’s survival after being struck by a solar storm. 

William Forstchen is a Professor of History and Faculty Fellow at Montreat College.  He and his wife, Robin, currently live in Black Mountain. 

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Books Listed on Amazon
Books for Good has an Amazon storefront where unique and more valuable books are listed.  These books are all available in the store, at a discount, to our regular customers.  To view our Amazon storefront books, click on the link below. All the items that appear are ones we have for sale.  When you click on an item, it doesn't take you to our listing--it takes you to all listings for that product.  If our book meets your needs, you can buy it at our store in Fletcher.  You won’t have to pay the shipping costs and you’ll get at least 10% off.