Books for Good is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2013 that sells items to benefit donor-selected charities.  Individuals select an IRS-recognized charity to benefit from the sale of items they donate to Books for Good. 

Other nonprofits collect items to be sold on their behalf by Books for Good.  All proceeds after operating expenses and applicable sales taxes go to the designated charity since Books for Good has no paid employees.  Books for Good will distribute proceeds quarterly to charities with balances of at least $50 or annually to charities whose balances have not reached $50. 

Every effort is made to maximize the value of all items and to provide the highest return to the designated charity.  In order to put our limited shelf and storage space to the best use, we no longer accept VHS tapes, audio cassettes, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, encyclopedias, and magazines.